Our Mission

Create the highest-performing battery solutions that enable fast charging, low temperature charging, high energy density, and reduced manufacturing cost through agility, sustainability, and innovation.


In a fast-paced world, we recognize the importance of being nimble and adaptive. Our commitment to agility means we act swiftly, make informed decisions, and execute with precision. We're not just quick; we're also effective. We believe that by coupling speed with purpose, we can seize opportunities, address challenges head-on, and consistently meet the ever-evolving needs of our stakeholders.


Our responsibility extends beyond immediate stakeholders to the world at large and future generations. We are dedicated to operating in ways that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Balancing our business goals with environmental and social needs ensures we leave a positive mark on the world and build a lasting legacy.


Forward-thinking defines our approach. We continuously seek novel solutions, embrace new technologies, and welcome transformative ideas that can redefine our industry's landscape. We cultivate a culture of creativity where every team member feels empowered to challenge norms and envision the future.