Our Technology

Electrode Architecture

Arbor Batteries’ patented 3-D electrode architecture enables rapid transport of Li+ into the depth of even ultra-thick electrodes, promoting uniform intercalation. Uniform intercalation in the 3D electrode eliminates Li metal plating on the anode surface during fast charging.

electrode plating diagram
trade-off diagram


3-D structuring of the electrode overcomes trade-offs between energy density and charge rate by largely decoupling the electrode thickness and the speed of the Li+ transport into the electrode. This enables higher charge rates and energy densities, without changing the battery chemistry.

Cycle Life

Arbor Batteries’ 3-D electrodes maintain their capacity across nearly 1000 10-min fast charge cycles. In contrast, conventional electrodes rapidly lose their capacity due to Li plating. We have demonstrated this in 100’s of multi-layer pouch cells up to 20 Ah.

cycle life diagram
manufacturability diagram


Our laser manufacturing process (TRL 5) is drop-in compatible with current high-speed Li-ion manufacturing lines and can therefore be rapidly and inexpensively scaled. We have already demonstrated roll-to-roll laser manufacturing for graphite and graphite silicon blend anodes